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Headquartered in Kannur, Electronic Security Consultants is a leading security consult of Integrated security systems, Security Risk assessment, surveillance system, Access control system, Perimeter security, Mass notifications, Safety system, Nuclear security, fire and burglar alarms and much more. Our founder Nabeel Hashim PSP CPP and Kaleem Ahamed PMP PSP CPP has been in the security business for 12 years, and ESS team of expert installers and consultants always prioritize our customers. 

In 2018, Nabeel left a management role at Falcon Eye to found Electronic Security System Consultants. Since then, we’ve become a top security company in the South Indian area and have worked with some of the largest companies in the nation. 

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Evaluate, Design & Specify

ESS Consult provide a range of analysis, audit, design and specifications services, tailored to the client’s risks, threats and legitimate business activities.

Project Management

ESS Consult can manage all aspects of security engineering project, taking responsibility for compliance and monitoring, testing and handover.

Audits and compliance

ESS Consult offer a range of audit services, including technical and performance audits, added value Security audits. requirements.


 ESS consult has bee providing independent security consultancy, Risk consultant, safety consultancy to the built environment 

We can help you create a robust security environment with service that include treat assessment, Security vulnerability assessment (SVA), Policy assessment and development,master planing.


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What Clients are saying

ESS Consultant are a wonderful team. They consistently deal with our Security problems head on and show so much professionalism. They provide excellent security consultancy services.

We are very impressed with the service we have received so far. The staff are always polite and professional with a plethora of experience in the SecuritySector..